AN-3200 Annunciator

AMETEK’s new AN-3200 Annunciator brings alarm monitoring to a new level. It features long life, reliable LED illumination for local viewing of alarms and a host of communication options to connect to other devices. Alarms can be viewed remotely via a standard web browser using a built-in web server. The web browser displays a graphic image for each event with the date and time of the occurrence.

Dual independent communication ports (RS-232/485 and Ethernet) are available to transmit alarms to other devices. The AN-3200 can receive alarms using communication ports, eliminating the need to connect digital inputs and associated wiring.

The AN-3200 supports Modbus, DNP and ASCII protocols. The AN-3200 has a built-in web server for displaying alarms remotely via a standard web browser. All of your alarms can include a time stamp, synchronized by IRIG-B or internal clock. Time stamps can be presented through Modbus, DNP, OPC, or to a local printer or terminal for viewing.

Installation and wiring is simplified and, in most cases, the power supply is built into the annunciator. While all systems are preconfigured to specifications, the software configuration tool allows users to make easy modifications without changing PCB board jumpers.

Window legends are printed on standard transparency film, making them easy to change at any time. All features and options are field selectable and upgradeable.


  • LED illumination (standard)
  • Dual communications: Serial and multi-user ethernet
  • Modbus, DNP, OPC protocols
  • Web browser display of alarms
  • Time-stamped alarms (SER)
  • Software configurable
  • Laser-printed legends
  • Ease of installation