The COMPALARM C2C is a very compact and efficient alarm system, suitable for 12 points connection, with NO or NC input contacts and LED signals. This system is suppliedin a 96 mm x 96 mm enclosure for flush mounting. An easy alarm’s description printing, easy wiring by plug-in terminals and a good front protection degree, come to complete this attractive alternative.

The COMPALARM C2C is being manufactured, in such a way to be capable to ensurean intrinsically safe reading of the inputs.

The know how, used in the present instrument, has simplify ed the circuits up to a maximum, granting a high reliability and safety for avoiding false signals. It has also enabled to have a high immunity degree against external disturbance and signal management with increased voltage capability.

The electronic management system allows to program the alarm behaviour, according with the ISA S 18.1 standard.

  • Compact alarm system, with a basic module of 12 signals
  • Easy printing of the alarm points description
  • Optoisolated inputs for 24 ÷ 230 V, NO or NC contacts, which can be set point by point
  • Signal power free inputs
  • 8 Alarm sequence possibilities according with ISA S 18.1
  • Easy and fast programming by dipswitches
  • ”First out” feature for recognizing the first tripped alarm
  • Communication port RS485
  • Ethernet communication
  • Communication protocol MODBUS-RTU and MODBUS-TCP


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  • Supply voltage: 115 or 230 V – 50/60Hz or 85÷265Vac/dc
  • Line fuse (external): 500 mA
  • Connector: 5.0 mm pitch extractible screw terminals
  • Operating temperature: 0 ÷ 60 °C
  • Max switching current: 5 A @ 250V cosø = 1
  • Input channels: 12 optocoupled
  • Input pushbuttons: 3 optocoupled
  • Inputs Voltage: 24 / 48 / 115 / 230 Vac/dc ± 20%
  • Output channels: 2 SPDT contacts