DMS 3K Annunciator

The AMETEK DMS 3K is a flexible, remote alarm management system. It captures alarms from digital or analog inputs, displays alarms on the built-in web server and provides outputs to remote annunciator displays and other devices using serial and Ethernet communications. Alarms can be time stamped to the millisecond for sequential events recording and email notification can be provided for critical events.

Modular, Flexible Alarm System

  • Consists of a 19″ card rack with card slots for I/O modules, CPU and power supply
  • Each card rack accepts a maximum of 128 inputs and provides up to 240 outputs
  • Multiple I/O card racks can be interconnected via Ethernet and located anywhere there is a LAN connection making it ideal for distributed applications


  • Inputs can be digital contacts or analog signals from field sensors
  • Each I/O card rack can accept up to 128 digital inputs (wet or dry field contacts), 32 analog inputs (4-20mA) or combinations of both
  • Each I/O card rack provides up to 240 digital (solid state) or relay outputs for driving an annunciator lamp, repeat relay, alarm horn or common alarm output