ELR-8V | ELR-8tcs | ELR-8mVtcs

• Earth leakage relay type A
• 2 output relays each with changeover contact, configurable 2 tripping or 1 tripping and 1 alarm
• Configurable fail safe prealarm and operation
• Automatic toroid connection control
• Green power LED indicator (ON)
• Red relay tripped LED indicator (TRIP)
• Red tripping prealarm LED indicator (ALARM)
• Front TEST button
• Manual resetting by front RESET button or remote contact closing
• Automatic resetting by remote contact closing or rear jumper connection
• Constant toroid-relay circuit control
• Flag indicator (TRIP MEMORY) (ELR-8mVtcs only)
• Digital fault current measurement and display with configurable tripping value memory (ELR-8mVtcs only)
• Shunt tripping circuit operating test (TCS) (ELR-8tcs, ELR-8mVtcs only)
• Flush mount 96x96mm housing with transparent cover
• IEC degree of protection: IP20 terminals, IP40 on front with cover

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Wiring connection (ELR-8V)


Wiring connection (ELR-8tcs and ELR-8mVtcs)


Mechanical dimensions (mm)