Feeder & Generator Protection Relays

Feeder & Generator Protection Relays are designed for effective protection of primary and secondary switching substations of electric distribution network. The protection features include protection against current, voltage, frequency, power, and including function as synchronism and autorecloser.

The protection functions can be enabled by using both the front panel and the communications link to the SICom program.

The combination of the available IEC and ANSI-IEEE curves and settings allows a precise coordination with other equipments.

For a complete information management, several communication protocols are incluided in this Relays.

SIL-A  / SIL D / SIL-V can be used as Generator Protection Relays too, depending on the applications requirements.

SIL-G Advanced
Feeder & Generator Protection Relay

Fanox SIL-G is a relay for primary distribution which can protect a feeder by means of current, voltage and frequency functions.

The main features include Arc Flash Protection with 4 inputs and 4 high-speed outputs, and being able to choose between universal supply and Self-Powered through VTs.

It also brings some innovative features such as WIFI connection providing you complete safety during maintenance.

Ansi Code Functions

50, 67, 50N, 50G, 67N, 67G, 49, 46, 46BC, 37, AFD, 59, 59N/G, 47, 59L, 27, 27V1, 27L, 32, 81U/O, 81R, 78, 24, 25, 49T, 52, 79, 50BF, 74TCS, 74CT, 60, SHB, CLP, 86, PGC

Generator Protection Relay

Overcurrent and overvoltage and frequency Protection. Feeder Protection for Primary Distribution

The ability of measuring current, voltage and frecuency levels combined with Syncro-Check and directional protection functions makes him one of the safest and most reliable choices for feeder protection.

Ansi Code Functions

50, 50N/G, 67, 67N, 46, 59, 59N, 27, 32/40, 79, 50BF, 52, 49, 86, CLP, 49T, 74TCS, 25, 81U/O, 37, IRG-B

Recloser Control Relays

SIR-B is the latest design advancement for Recloser Controls, taking particular care on simplicity and future upgradeability. It has a completely high-performance design  ready for the smart grid.

It is designed to be a flexible, easy to use control that has been built keeping in mind  the specifications of utility crews and field operators.

The intelligence that enables a recloser to sense overcurrents, select timing operation, time the tripping and reclosing functions, and finally lockout is provided by the recloser control.

SIL-G / SIL-A / SIL-B / SIL-V / SIL-D can be used as Recloser Control Relays too, depending on the applications.

Recloser Control

The innovative Fanox SIR-B Recloser Control presents an All in One solution designed to provide optimum protective coordination and the most effective fault clearance of distribution systems.

SIR-B includes the driving electronic and the trip capacitor. It can work with external battery or with internal super capacitors which allow the user to minimize the maintenance tasks.

It has designe to work with 3-phase reclosers, but it can provide single phase trips and reclose cycles, this is, it is provided with a monopolar circuit breaker control.

79 Protection Function (Recloser) allows up to 4 attempts of reclosing which can be programmed by the user.