Measuring transducers MT/UMT 5×0



Measuring transducers MT/UMT 5×0 are intended for measuring, analysing and monitoring single-phase or three-phase electrical power network. They measure RMS value by means of fast sampling of voltage and current signals, which makes instruments suitable for acquisition of transient events. A built-in microcontroller calculates measurands (voltage, current, frequency, energy, power, power factor, THD phase angles, etc.) from the measured signals.


  • Evaluation of the electricity supply quality in compliance with SIST EN 50160
  • Measurements of instantaneous values of more than 140 quantities (U, I, P, Q, S, PF, PA, f, φ, THD, MD, energy, energy cost by tariffs, etc.)
  • Power accuracy class 0.2
  • Harmonic analysis of phase, phase-to-phase voltages and currents up to the 63rd harmonic
  • Recording up to 32 measurands and 32 alarms in the internal memory (8 MB flash)
  • Measurements of 40 minimal and maximal values in different time periods
  • 32 adjustable alarms
  • Frequency range from 16 Hz to 400 Hz
  • Up to three independent communication ports (RS 232/485 up to 115,200 bit/s, Ethernet and USB communication possible)
  • MODBUS and DNP3 communication protocols
  • Remote display connection
  • Up to 4 inputs or outputs (analogue outputs, pulse outputs, alarm outputs, tariff inputs)
  • Additional communication port (COM2)
  • Universal power supply (two voltage ranges)
  • Automatic range of nominal current and voltage (max. 12.5 A and 600 VL-N)
  • Adjustable tariff clock, display of electric energy consumption in selected currency
  • Housing for DIN rail mounting
  • User-friendly PC MiQen software.


  • MT/UMT 560– multifunctional transducer & analyzer
  • MT/UMT 550– multifunctional transducer & recorder
  • MT/UMT 540– multifunctional transducer