Metrel MI 3152 Eurotest XC Multifunction Installation Tester

The Metrel MI 3152 Eurotest XC Multifunction Installation Tester can be used to troubleshoot a range of electrical systems; as a result, it is suitable for a number of applications including:
• Testing single and multi-phase electrical systems
• Initial and periodic testing of domestic installations
• Maintenance of electrical systems
• Investigating lighting installations
• Testing medical installations
• EV charging station testing (Autosequence tests)
• Checking fire brigade, military and police vehicles
• Verifying mobile, video/audio, concert hall and fair/playground equipment

To accommodate the applications above, this versatile instrument features a comprehensive array of tests designed for measuring a variety of electrical parameters such as:

  • Insulation resistance – checked using a DC test voltage between 50V and 1000V
  • Continuity – checked using a 200mA DC test current and polarity change; this test is optimised for checking PE conductors
  • Continuity – checked using 7mA test current; this test is designed for checking PE conductors without tripping RCDs
  • Loop/ Line impedance – these two tests are combined in a single Z AUTO function
  • Loop impedance with a trip lock RCD function
  • Voltage – determined using true-RMS measurements
  • Frequency
  • Phase sequence
  • Varistor test
  • Power and THD (up to the 12th harmonic)
  • General RCD tests
  • Selective type AC, A, F, B, B+, MI RCD, EV RCD, PRCD, PRCD-K, PRCD-S RCD tests
  • Earth resistance – using a 3-wire and 2-clamps method
  • First fault leakage current (ISFL)
  • IMD tests (Insulation Monitoring Devices)
  • Functional inspections
  • EV function test with A1532 and A1632 for report generation

Additionally, this multifunction installation tester is able to monitor all three voltages simultaneously and includes a number of automatic test sequences designed to improve the efficiency and ease of testing. For instance, the Metrel MI 3152 Eurotest XC Multifunction Installation Tester includes automatic testing procedures for RCDs, and automatic test sequences for TT, TN/RCD, TN and IT, as well as Electrical Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE). Additionally, this instrument will automatically reverse the polarity during continuity tests.

These extensive measurement capabilities and convenient automatic testing procedures allow the user to complete installation safety testing in accordance with IEC/EN 61557 standards. Moreover, the Metrel MI 3152 Eurotest XC Multifunction Installation Tester is optimised for adaptability in order to ensure that its scope-for-use is as wide as possible; as a result, it is able to accommodate a number of OPTIONAL capabilities, such as:

  • Specific earth resistance measurements with a Ro-adapter
  • True-RMS leakage and load current measurements
  • Illumination measurements
  • High-resolution loop impedance tests (mΩ)
  • Cable location
  • Support for QR and/or barcode scanners
  • Support for Metrel’s aMESM Android App