MI 3290 GX Earth Analyser

MI 3290 Earth Analyser is a portable, battery or mains powered test instrument with excellent IP protection (IP 54 open case), intended for measurement of earth resistance, specific earth resistance and earth potential of various energetic and non-energetic objects. The user can choose between different methods from classic 3 wire earth resistance measurement up to one or four clamp method for measurement of pylons. He has a choice of measurement methods with different frequency methods: single frequency or frequency sweep from 55 Hz to 15 kHz, HF method with 25 kHz and pulse method simulating the lightning strike. High electrical noise immunity makes this instrument best suited for industrial environment. Instrument is available in multiple sets which are a combination of different accessories and measurement functions.

All model versions include following accessory:

  • Instrument MI 3290
  • Current earth spike 90 cm, 2 pcs
  • Potential earth spike 42 cm, 2 pcs
  • Connection lead black 2 m
  • Test lead 5 m blue
  • Test lead 5 m red
  • Test lead 50 m black on cable reel
  • Test lead 50 m green on cable reel
  • Test lead 50 m blue on cable reel
  • Shielded test lead 75 m on reel
  • G clamp
  • Set of test probes, crocodile clip and 2 m test lead, 4 pcs
  • Bag for accessories
  • USB cable
  • Mains cable
  • Calibration certificate
  • Instruction manual
  • PC SW Metrel ES Manager

  • MI 3290 GX1
  • Flex clamp 5 m with 15 m shielded cable, 3 pcs
  • Bag for accessories