Overcurrent Self-Powered Protection Relays

AUTONOMY In terms of its products lines, Fanox feature internaltianally approved SIA-B and SIA-C Relays. These Self-powered Overcurrent and Earth-fault Protection Relays are designed to protect Secondary Transformer Stations and Distribution Centers of Electrical Networks with independence and free of maintenance.

FLEXIBILITY SIA-B and SIA-C have been designed with a very compact size, to cover all customer requirements and make installation easier, faster, economic and more reliable. Optionally you can have an auxiliary power supply in addition to self-powered function.

SIMPLICITY The SIA-B relay, as SIA-C, is Self-Powered from the power lines and both relays use STANDARD current transformers. The need for batteries and any maintenance is eliminated, reducing the operating cost of the center considerably.

KITCOM Additionally,  the equipment can be connected to an external portable accessory (KITCOM) for commissioning and setting up office through the front communication port. The possibility of powering up with the KITCOM accesory, offers the possibility to activate the trip contact from the test menu, allowing the verification of the circuit breaker before energizing the switchgear.

SIA-B Specific CT’s
Dual & Self-Powered OC&EF Protection Relays

Impeccably suited for protection in distribution as well as in Renewable Energy systems, SIA-B Protection Relay with specific CT’s, provides a comprehensive range of protection functions in an amazingly compact and lightweight housing, preventative maintenance and a remarkable cost savings.

Remote communications RS485 Modbus RTU

  • Self-Powered & Dual-Powered (Self+Vaux)
  • Low consumption
  • Wide protection range through the Sensors
  • Load data profiling
  • Disturbance fault recording
  • With internal commissioning battery as optional

Ansi Code Functions

50, 51, 51N, 49T, 50N, 49, PGC, TB

SIA-B Standard CT’s
Advanced OC&EF Self-Powered Relay

SIA-B is the most reliable dual powered (Self-Powered + Universal Vaux) relay offering a high performance previously available only in relays with Vaux:

Remote communications for SCADA (Modbus or DNP3.0 protocols)

  • Up to 10 COMTRADE records
  • Advanced protection functions
  • Completely configurable I/O thanks to advanced logic

Ultra-fast SOTF
Very low start-up levels and minimum consumption <2 VA
Compact design

Ansi Code Functions

50, 51, 50G, 51G, 49, 46, SHB, 49T, TB, 52, 50BF, CLP, 68, PGC

SIA-C Standard CT’s
Dual & Self-Powered OC&EF Protection Relays

Counting with an extensive experience of successfully operating devices in the field worldwide and thanks to these unique advantages, SIA-C enjoys top recognition among users all around the planet.

Above all, the different mechanics available by model list make our SIA-C the best choice for our customers, covering all the needs of the market

Remote communications RS485 Modbus RTU or IEC 60870-5-103

  • Self-Powered & Dual-Powered (Self+Vaux)
  • Standard CTs /1 or /5
  • Low start-up levels
  • Load data profiling
  • Self diagnosis (watchdog)
  • Non-volatile RAM memory (up to 1.024 events and 20 fault report), maintaining date & time even in SP mode, thanks to its internal RTC
  • With internal commissioning battery as optional
  • Withdrawable model as optional

Ansi Code Functions

50, 51, 49T, 51G, 50G, 46, 46BC, 49, SHB, CLP, 79, 52, 50BF, 74TCS, 60CTS, 68, PGC