Protocol Gateways

Nowadays the need to communicate or interconnect Intelligent devices in the industry is increasing. In some cases the end customer, utilities and manufacturers from different industries need to monitor or even control different types of equipment. Fanox presents a wide gamma of devices to help end customers to solve these issues, providing secure, flexible and adaptative Smart Grid solutions in Power Generation, Transmission and Distribution sectors.

With the Fanox Experience in the Industrial Sector for more than 25 years, the communication section is created as a complement to help to interconnect relay in all levels, offering and guaranteeing a complete solutions for the Smart Grid Industry at the same time that ensure maximum interoperability between multiple utility assets.

SIC-A Redundancy Protocols Gateway (PRP/HSR)

Communication Solutions for Smart Grid. This technology implies an important technology leap for the industry, due to the transmission of a huge amount of data, in many cases in real time, is required.

To implement these new technologies the industry requires an easy and flexible system that is able to adapt to its all requirements.
The protocols gateways provide an easy way to adapt the existing devices to the new technologies.

SYNC 2000 – Protocol Gateway / Converter

SYNC 2000 protocol gateway series of products are substation rugged communication devices with real-time embedded linux OS. Supports for a host of automation protocols such as IEC61850, DNP3.0, IEC60870-5/101/103/104, DLMS/COSEM, Modbus as well as proprietary protocols like SPABus, Courier and others. There are some models that support an internal plugable cellular modem, secure VPN connections and additional features that are versatile to be used in numerous Transmission and Distribution applications.

SYNC 2000 Secure Substation Gateway

With the deployment of more sophisticated automation system and equipment, utilities’ priorities on the electrical grid system have been shifting to a focus on cybersecurity. State of the art automation standards rely on communication links at all levels in the system to exchange data.

The SYNC 2000 secure substation gateway is ideal for sub-transmission and medium -voltage substation automation and gateway applications. It incorporates a protocol gateway with support for over 40 industry standard and proprietary protocols, plus a multi-faceted security sentry that includes a firewall, role-based access control, security log and encrypted communications.

SYNC 200 series – IED Protocol Upgrade Module

With the advent of superior protocols like IEC 61850, there is an increasing need for Intelligent Electronic Devices (IEDs) to be compliant with these new protocols while still maintaining interoperability with legacy ones. Kalkitech’s SYNC 200 series of embedded chip products act as upgrade cards for incorporating latest smart grid substation and metering protocols in existing IED equipment design.