Redundancy Devices

SIC-A Redundancy Protocols Gateway (PRP/HSR)

Communication Solutions for Smart Grid. This technology implies an important technology leap for the industry, due to the transmission of a huge amount of data, in many cases in real time, is required.

To implement these new technologies the industry requires an easy and flexible system that is able to adapt to its all requirements.
The protocols gateways provide an easy way to adapt the existing devices to the new technologies.

SIC-R – Redbox Switch

Smart Grids demand more powerful devices in order to keep the network infrastructure working. SIC-R is a new concept of modern “managed” device where the intelligence integrated can manage redundant networks with non-packet-loss ethernet communications, synchronization and cybersecurity capabilities. This device is able to interconnect PRP and HSR networks at the same time that extend HSR rings via Quadbox operation.