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Radio-Frequency Transceiver for Wireless Passive SAW Sensors
Dedicated to Switchgear Monitoring

This transceiver is dedicated to switchgear monitoring. It’s optimized for interrogation inside metallic cavities like the switchgear cabinet and tuned to be compliant with IEC 62271 enabling a license-free use in switchgear cabinets worldwide.
It features various options for additional measurement inputs, partial discharge detection, I/O options and various communication interfaces. This customizable set of options creates a comprehensive yet simple and easy to use platform, autonomous or connected to a network.

Key features
 Remote interrogation of multiple wireless passive SAW sensors (up to 12 sensors in 1 cubicle with 2 pairs of antennas, or 6 sensors in 3 adjacent cubicles, with 1 pair of antennas in each cubicle)
 Patented algorithms & interrogation methods for robust & reliable operation in RF-challenging environments like metallic cavities
 Advanced configuration features (automatic initialization process, error self-diagnosis, RF-link quality indicator)
 Multi-system operation optimized with specific algorithms
 Compact, DIN rail mounting
 OEM version available
 Connectivity
o Modbus-RTU communication protocol (over RS485 through RJ45) for measurement display (GUI SENSeOR-UI or SCADA, DCS etc.) & transceiver configuration
o Ethernet proprietary protocol for measurement display on GUI SENSeOR-UI
 Analog input for one additional sensor
 Analog output
 Alarm output (relay)
 Data storage on μSD card
Optional features
 Online partial discharge detection function (UHF method)
 Multiple analog outputs and inputs for analog sensors like current, voltage, humidity, water level, vibrations
In next releases or upon request:
 Additional gateways for other connectivity requirements (ZigBee, LoRa, 4G, IEC 61850 etc.)
 BTLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) for measurement display on external Android device
 Ethernet MQTT TLS 1.2 – Cloud connectivity


Specifications – HTR02-6AWS * = options
Main Functions Data acquisition, processing & export of SAW sensors measurements Partial Discharge detection* (Option PDD)
Data storage on µSD card or PC (through GUI) (1)
Analog sensors inputs processing
Supply voltage 24 VDC (2)
Consumption 100 mA (3)
Frequency band [430 MHz – 450 MHz]
Digital communication Modbus-RTU over RS485 through RJ45 (4)
Ethernet proprietary protocol for connection to PC with GUI SENSeOR-UI
Other connectivity options on request
BTLE (display on Android tablet) on request
Analog output 1x 4-20 mA and 1x 0-10 V
18x 4-20 mA* (Option EXT_AN_I/O) and 18x 0-10 V* (Option EXT_AN_I/O)
Analog input 1x 4-20 mA
18x 4-20 mA* (Option EXT_AN_I/O)
Alarm out 24 V-200 mA (relay)
Trig-In CMOS – TTL
Daisy chaining RJ45 (secondary – for Modbus/RS485)
50 ohms RF output (antenna connection) 6 SMB connectors for antennas for SAW sensors and PDD
1 SMB connector for antenna for RF options (further releases)
Operating temperature range -20°C, 70°C (5)
Storage temperature range -40°C, 70°C
Dimensions Standard version: 113.6x99x67.5 mm
Version with option EXT_AN_I/O: 113.66x99x90 mm
Fixation DIN rail
Ingress Protection IP20 with enclosure
Available in IP0 for OEM
Certification (6)
(Conducted immunity, RF emissions, ESD)
IEC 62271-1:2007 A1:2011 (auxiliary equipment/monitoring) IEC 61000-4 (-2, -4, -17, -18, -29)

(1) A 4 Go μSD card with adapter is delivered with the transceiver (more than 2 years of data storage in a typical configuration). SENSeOR-UI GUI for Windows 7 (or higher) is delivered.
(2) AC/DC power converter not included – optional – Power cables of 0.75 mm² or 18 AWG should be used. Other supply voltages on request
(3) Typical value at 25°C, max load without options and relay off
(4) A specific, optional, RS485/USB converter is required for configuration and display on GUI on PC. Only one converter is needed for several systems on the same network (Option RS485_CONV). A 120 Ohms load is required by RS485 standard for network termination (Option RS485_TERM).
(5) For indoor use only: place the transceiver inside the switchgear cabinet.
(6) This device is certified for worldwide license-free use in switchgears.