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Ensuring operational continuity

To ensure the operational continuity of an electrical system, IEC 60364-4-41 Standard “Low-voltage electrical installations – Protection for safety – Protection against electric shock” requires the system protection from direct and indirect contacts.

Among all the protection methods identified by the Standard, only IT distribution systems can guarantee greater operational continuity in case of a first fault to earth: in these systems, the circuit-breaker will not trip because the fault current is limited by the high insulation impedance. The IT distribution systems shall avoid the loss of production and ill service that power supply interruption could cause.

The first fault to earth should be immediately recovered, because a second fault to earth would cause the tripping of the protection devices (miniature circuit-breakers or residual current circuit-breakers), interrupting the power supply. The Standard requires the installation of an insulation monitoring device to signal the first fault, in order to avoid a second fault that could compromise the required operational continuity.

RI range performs continuous monitoring of IT systems insulation, in order to prevent any faults that may reduce operational continuity and, as a result, the efficiency of the system.

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Plenty of benefits

  • Operational continuity When installed in an IT network, the insulation monitoring device continuously controls insulation. In case of first fault, it gives warning about the first fault in order to recover it before the miniature circuit breakers interrupt the power supply
  • Fault prevention RI gives warning when insulation drops below a set value, preventing greater damages to the network
  • Greater efficiency Thanks to TRIP and ALARM thresholds the fault can be managed even before it actually occurs, therefore preventing service interruption. In addition, the unit can be tested and reset remotely by means of a pushbutton
  • 360° monitoring RI range controls a wide variety of IT systems, providing protection to photovoltaic installations, industrial installations, supervision systems, data centers and other applications
  • Cutting maintenance costs and inefficiencies Thanks to a continuous and timely monitoring of the system, scheduled maintenance operations can be reduced together with overhead costs
  • Immediate installation Quick fixing thanks to 35 mm DIN rail mounting. The front microswitches are preset on the most commonly used settings

Function overview

  1. Indication of functioning instrument
  2. RESET pushbutton
  3. Low insulation LED
  4. Damaged pole LED (only for d.c.)
  5. TEST pushbutton
  6. TRIP threshold setting


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